Tips on how to build an ideal portfolio gallery on Wishu

Tips on how to build an ideal portfolio gallery on Wishu

by Wishu
14 May 2021
  • Write down your case studies on a separate document. Pull up a new google docs and write about your past projects in phases and start with phase 1, which is usually the ideation or exploration phase. We recommend you do this separately before entering it into Wishu, just so you have it down and the projects fresh in your mind.
  • Post a new portfolio item on Wishu. Head to your profile, click “edit profile” and go to the portfolio tab. The portfolio gallery on your profile serves as a place for potential clients to scan your past projects. When posting a portfolio item, include a short paragraph or two in the caption area. Research shows that one of the first things people read in a newspaper are the captions underneath the images. So, if someone scrolls through your gallery you should be able to capture their attention with the first 1-2 sentences of your caption.
  • Include the right details. It all depends on your personal style and you don’t need to copy/paste this format, but your portfolio text should loosely follow this outline or provide this information:
    • Name of client, what they do & their location
    • Goal for the project
    • What you did
    • The outcome
  • Give credit & explain your role. This is especially important if it was a team project. It’s helpful for potential clients to understand the role you played in the success of the project. Getting this detail down can mean the difference between getting hired or not.
  • Think of each portfolio item like a magazine feature. This goes for your content and layout. Think of the way magazine articles are laid out. They’re designed to fully immerse you in the piece and create an experience. They include photos at specific places to illustrate a point or bring a scene to life. They use pull quotes to pique your interest or point out an especially memorable part of the story. They break up paragraphs with photos, but take care to not disrupt your reading experience.

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