How to structure your project brief job listing

How to structure your project brief job listing

by Wishu
13 May 2021
project brief job listing

Spending the extra time to making sure your title and description are clear will help you find the most relevant creative applicants, saving you time and money.

Firstly, are we talking about a project that is inside or outside IR35? Address this first and then proceed with your project listing description (some help). In the current version of Wishu, we only support projects that are outside of IR35.

What is the perfect brief/listing description?

  • Company overview – Once you write this section, you can copy and paste into future postings, updating as needed. This section allows freelancer who is applying to decide if they’re a good fit for your company based on their own values.
  • Project overview – It’s always needed to provide the creative freelancer with an overview of the role in a brief paragraph. Different from a list of responsibilities (that’s up next), this is your opportunity to communicate the intent of the role.
  • List of responsibilities – It’s best to be as descriptive as possible in this section, providing duties along with numbers (where possible) to make it really clear what you’ll expect of the successful freelancer. In this section, the more details the better.
  • List of job requirements – Similar to the list of responsibilities, you want to provide a very clear list of qualifications required to be considered for the job. This way, potential freelance candidates who aren’t a good fit can self-select out of the competition.
  • The price It’s very important that you post the right rate for the project. For example calculate how many days you’re looking for the freelancer to work and use our freelancer hiring pricing guide to calculate the appropriate price to list (this price will be a combination of all days, for the entire project).

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