How to create a listing (Wish) and receive applications from freelancers


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How to create a listing (Wish) and receive applications from freelancers

by Wishu
14 July 2020

Follow these steps to list your project and role requirements by creating a wish.

Time needed: 10 minutes.

How to create a wish by listing your requirements and start receiving applications on our website

  1. Register an account

    Create an account here to sign up as a client on your computer, or here to download the iOS app to register. Ensure you enter the correct details and adding a profile picture is always appreciated by those that will work with you.

  2. Tap “Create a wish”

    On the website, on your dashboard you should find an option to create a wish. Tap here to get started. If you’re on iOS, press the “+” button found on the centre of your navigation bar to find the “Create a wish” button.

  3. Enter in the details of your wish

    Your wish should contain all your necessary requirements. Write a comprehensive description so freelancers know what they are applying to. Include location (if any), budget, expectations, and how long you want your wish to be open for applications for.

  4. When you’ve finished adding all the details for your wish, tap “Post your wish”

    By posting the wish, you’ll instantly make it available for freelancers to view on their own personal job boards. We’ll try our best to send your application to the right candidates. You’ll be notified by email when people have applied for your wish, and you’ll see the applicants appearing in real time (but a page refresh once in a while doesn’t hurt).

  5. On your Bookings dashboard, tap “See applicants” after you’ve received a few applications

    The button “See applicants” will only appear after you’ve received at least one applicant. When you have applicants, tap “See applicants” and you’ll find a list of freelancers who applied for your wish. At this point, you may engage in conversation, chatting about further the details of your wish.

  6. Pick a freelancer by accepting an application

    Once you’re satisfied with a freelancer, tap “Accept” on the applicant list or from your chat. You will be brought to the payment confirmation screen, where you can confirm your order so your freelancer can begin work. By confirming, your card will be charged, however the payment to the freelancer will be held until you confirm to pay your freelancer for their work.

And you’re done! You can post as many wishes as you’d like. If you’d like further assistance please email support@wishu.io and we’ll see how we can help you with your wish.

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