How to complete your booking with a freelancer

How to complete your booking with a freelancer

by Wishu
14 July 2020

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Read the following steps to learn how to release payment to your freelancer. Your funds are held in secure escrow using Wishu Pay, providing flexibility on when releasing funds to your freelancer.

  1. Go to your bookings dashboard

    Your bookings dashboard contains a list of your active and inactive bookings.

  2. Click “Release payment” to pay your freelancer

    It is typical to release payment only after the project has been completed by the freelancer. By releasing the payment, the project’s status is set to complete. The funds are transferred from your Wishu wallet to your freelancers, where they have the option to either use those funds on other freelancers or withdraw straight to their bank account free of charge.

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