How to apply to a project brief job listing

How to apply to a project brief job listing

by Wishu
14 May 2021

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Get involved in a project by applying to a project brief. Project briefs are created by clients to find roles for a creative project. If you believe you suit the requirements listed, then you may apply. Before doing so, we recommend to take a look at the following steps. You need to be a freelancer in order to apply for project briefs.

  1. You need to have a full Wishu profile in order to be able to apply to project briefs

    You must have at least 1 service on your profile, 3 portfolio items, have a full bio, professional profile picture, and be ID verified to unlock the ability to apply to project briefs.

  2. Send an introductory message to your potential client

    Before you can begin work, the client must accept you out of a list of other applicants like you. You can start standing out by writing a well thought-out introductory message to your client. Think of your message as a compressed cover letter. Typically an introductory message will include:
    – A brief description of your background/skills/experience
    – How your experience is relevant to their project
    – What unique attribute can you bring to the table

We recommend you read our tips on building an ideal portfolio gallery.

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