Discussing going back to work with Coco Hirani

About the event
  1. Returning to work – what is needed & required?
  2. Government Guidelines
  3. COVID-19 PPE and Safety Training – Certificates on completion for return to work
  4. How to keep your kit safe and prevent contamination
  5. Resources for going back to work
  6. Discussion & Q&A
About Coco Hirani
Professional make up artist with 10+ years of experience. Working in various sub-sectors of the industry ranging from Fashion & Runway, Editorial, Advertising, Musicians/tours/videos/live performance, TV & Film, Theatre, Bridal & Special Occasions, Red Carpet, and Bodypainting.
She takes great inspiration from history, arts, people, and print. Having a widespread network of people within the industry has enabled her to work on teams for Pablo Rodriguez, Andrew Gallimore, Thomas De Kluyver, and Val Garland.
Coco’s website
Coco’s Instagram: @Coco.Hirani

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