Deliveroo Centres Design at the Core of Its Visual Identity

The food delivery company’s logo has become iconic in recent years. Designed by DesignStudio, the agency behind other infamous logos such as AirBnB and the Premier League, 2016 saw Deliveroo replace its kangaroo logo (now almost unrecognisable) with a more minimal graphic symbol, along with a new app, website and uniform for its riders.

This minimalism, simplicity and, most importantly, recognisability put Deliveroo on the map, enabling it to rapidly expand and build brand consistency in the 200 cities around the world that it serves today. Therefore, Deliveroo has design and visual identity to thank for an aspect of its success which helped the company stand out amongst its competitors such as Just Eat or Uber Eats. 

Its team members agree; “One of the reasons why I joined Deliveroo was that I felt the design was an edge it had over the competition – we are a food company that delivers food rather than a delivery company that delivers food,” says Deliveroo’s director of design Stuart Frisby, who took the reins from Simon Rohrbach in 2019. “From the outside looking in, people would see that kind of investment and know it’s only a company that understands the value of its visual language and brand identity that would have made that investment in the first place.”

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