Users have embraced a trend of “Dear Algorithm” posts on Threads, where they beseech the platform’s algorithm to connect them with specific topics or people. These posts have become a staple on the platform, offering a glimpse into users’ desires and frustrations in navigating the platform.

Despite joining Threads to escape platforms marred by aggressive targeted advertising, “Dear Algorithm” posts paradoxically adopt the same marketing logic. These posts often read like a niche list of online audience segments, breaking users and their preferred followers down into demographics and consumer preferences, echoing the practices of larger social media platforms.

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The most genuine “Dear Algorithm” posts take on a spiritual tone. Users address the platform’s algorithm as if it were a higher power, with a sense of hopelessness about whether their wishes will be heard. This reflects the enigmatic nature of algorithms, which, when effective, seem godlike in their ability to understand users thoroughly.

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