Did you know that the creator economy is made up of over 200 million creators? Within this huge number, I think it is fair to say that the most successful entrepreneurs in this thriving pool optimise their workflow and leverage a set of tools that enable them to punch above their weight. They do so by utilising the right combination of tools is critical to sustainable growth. 

Authenticity is a huge pillar to success in the creator economy. ‘Infleuncer’ has become a bit of a dirty word as it implies a sense of tapping into a follower’s subconscious and swaying their buying decision. Successful content creators draw from their own expertise, experience, and interests while being unapologetically themselves. Even so, that approach can still make it hard to stand out.
Overall,  a content creator’s best chance for sustained success is to find a niche and experiment with different concepts or categories within that niche so that the content appears versatile, all while being relatable, using multiple platforms, and repurposing content.  

Another tip for creator success is making the most of multiple platforms. Your content might not pop off on TikTok, for example, but maybe YouTube Shorts sees it thriving. Once you find a platform that works, keep experimenting with others. Diversity is the key to success, as each platform will likely change algorithms, tools, or distribution efficiency; and, while various platforms will try to convince creators to optimise for them, creators need to optimise for where their audience is located or moving.

Each social media platform has its own unique features, tools, and audiences. And with arguably too many options out there, the key is finding the platform that’s most conducive to a creator’s “line of business”—mastering that and expanding to others. Don’t stay static.

In terms of popularity, Instagram and YouTube are topping the charts as the most lucrative platforms for content creators, with Snapchat, TikTok, and Pinterest following suit. In the year ahead, this will shift as it always does. This still leaves creators room to diversify their offerings. Go beyond video or one single media type. 

Moving on, one of my favourite sayings is “fail to plan and you plan to fail”. Planning your content is key if wanting to create successful content. Having said that, overplanning removes a sense of spontaneity and can prevent authentic content which is key to virality. To stay focused, ask questions like, “what outcomes am I expecting to get from each piece of content I create and post?” By design, some content may be ephemeral and specific to a moment in time. Other content should have longevity. Plan and monetize with this in mind.

Top creators have a formula for success when it comes to engaging with their audiences. They’re focusing on quality vs. quantity, posting consistency, and using the correct messaging. They also think through the monetization strategy and the kind of reach available. Some content will be designed to increase the size of one’s audience; some will be more revenue oriented. Other content will combine the two. Have a plan for these different kinds of content, which includes honing in on a creator’s own brand voice. This is essentially the tone of voice and point of view a creator uses to speak directly to their following. 

As a last point, I would make sure that your content meets a certain quality standard. It can still be candid, but aim for consistency. Use the same warm light every time, even repeating the same makeup in your videos and colour palette in your clothing or background to give you a signature in your consistent content. As long as your followers and viewers can see and hear you properly otherwise they’ll be turned off within those first three seconds and keep scrolling. 

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