Personally I’m a little tired of seeing AI-related news, simply because – and I say this from a generally pro AI standpoint – it’s starting to feel a little gimmicky. Regardless of it being treated as a mass trend, the emergence of AI in the past year or two has brought both challenges and new opportunities to the creator economy.

Despite many fears of AI replacing paid worker jobs, many creators can use these tools to alter their workflows, and potentially change productivity, costs, and brand partnerships, according to a recent report from the membership platform Creator Now. 

For the report, Creator Now surveyed 2,200 content creators who are part of its online community platform on how they felt about AI. Of those creators surveyed, 84% were YouTubers, 53% were Instagram creators, 44% were TikTokers, and 10% used other platforms.

According to the survey, a whopping 97% of creators said they were already using AI in their creative process. The use contributed mainly to increasing workflow, filling in skill gaps, creating better quality content, and reducing costs.

Still, some creators said they’d experienced disadvantages from using AI, and 23% had experienced ethical dilemmas when using AI. Over half of the creators expressed concern that AI could lower their value as a creator, especially if more platforms begin to embrace AI-generated content. 

Here are some more interesting statistic worth acknowledging from the Creator Now report: 

  • 35% of creators acknowledged the need for more education around AI to help harness these tools effectively, and 23% said they advocated for increased access to more user-friendly AI tools.
  • 50% of creators said they were concerned that platforms would replace human content creators with AI-generated content
  • 90% of creators said they were using ChatGPT during their content creation process
  • The next-most-used AI-powered software was MidJourney (31%), then Google Bard (19.7%), Eleven Labs (16.1%), Stable Diffusion (11.2%), (9.6%), Runway ML (8.2%), Claude (4.2%), and Perplexity (3.9%), among others.
  • 27% were unaware of YouTube’s most recent AI tools, and 26% said they planned to wait until YouTube’s tools were more widely developed.
  • 57% of creators said they were using AI to generate ideas for their content
  • 31% said they were using it during their editing process. Other ways creators said they were using AI included generating ideas (56.7%), researching topics (47.1%), writing scripts (44.6%), creating thumbnails (34.1%), data analysis (32.8%), and editing (32%). 
  • 27% of creators said they believed all uses of AI should be disclosed
  • 40% of creators said they believed AI should be disclosed, but based on a tool-by-tool basis. 

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