Creative Juice launches new and improved funding options

Creative Juice just launched new and improved funding options, Juice Funds Refresh & Reserve, for creators on their terms. 

Creators now have access to personalized, up-front funding without the long-term commitment.

There’s a real challenge for creators being locked into a 5+ year deal or strained to sell their content. Creative Juice understands creators need cash personalized to their needs whether that’s a quick need to upgrade equipment or a long-term need to fund a merch line. Creators now have the flexibility to receive funding on a monthly or yearly basis and can buy out at any time with no questions asked – all while remaining in full control of their content. Juice Funds Refresh is the first-of-its-kind allowing creators of any size up-front monthly funding on their terms.

How it works?

  • Pick a deal timeframe 
  • Share average monthly revenue
  • Get an estimated offer with Juice’s calculator 
  • Connect AdSense and receive an exact offer catered to your needs
  • Sign, seal and money delivered! 

To date, Creative Juice has invested millions to support creator careers. In fact, Juice Funds Reserve creators have earned a total of $25M+ in platform revenue since joining Juice. And Juice has seen a 25% increase in creator funding deals quarter over quarter and expects that trends to continue. Juice Funds Reserve creators span the gamut from 10,000 subscribers to 4M+ subscribers and more than 50% of creators receiving Juice Funds are from underrepresented communities.

Juice Funds creators who have seen success today:

  • “Juice Funds Refresh motivated me to make higher quality videos and hire a video editor. At some point a business owner needs to start outsourcing and now I can pull the trigger to grow my business with easy up-front cash thanks to Juice.” – TheSimonShi
  • “Juice Funds Refresh has allowed me to jumpstart the growth of my channel by hiring an editor to create Shorts. As a student, a short-term monthly deal is a game changer for my needs allowing me full flexibility.” –Ritesh
  • “We no longer have to stress about where our creator business will be in 5 years. Juice understands what we need today to grow – building out our team, leveling up our production equipment and creating an office space.” –The Jacksons of Atlanta
  • “A challenge I’ve always had as a creator is learning how to edit. I can’t do it all. Juice Funds Refresh has allowed me to hire an editor, which will change the workflow for me significantly.” –Think Flight

“We understand that creators are all at different stages in their journey – some creators may have just started their creator business full time while others are overseeing a team and launching a podcast or merch line. Each creator business has different needs and we aim to fulfill those needs by offering flexible, personalized funding unlike anything in the market today.” – Dustin Blank, Head of Creator Partnerships & Investments at Creative Juice

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