Creative Juice is banking and funding for creators on their terms

Creative Juice, a banking platform for creators, is launching a new and improved funding product, Juice Funds Refresh & Reserve. The product is designed for creators on their terms. The beta launched at VidSummit for select creators and is launching to all qualifying creators early next month. The feature will enable creators to have access to easy upfront cash for their existing YouTube content library or funds for their future content revenue. 

Juice Funds enables creators to have short term monthly options to invest in their business and their future. Plus 1-3 year funding options give creators flexibility to grow their business and the option to buy out at any time.

In regards to how it works, creators can take control, pick their time frame and get money for their existing or future content. Here’s a breakdown. 

  • Pick a deal timeframe 
  • Share average monthly revenue
  • Get an estimated offer with Juice’s calculator 
  • Connect AdSense and Juice analytics analyzes for an exact offer 
  • Chat with the Juice team to get a final offer 
  • Sign, seal and money delivered! 

After the company announced a $50M infusion to Juice Funds back in April 2022, Creative Juice has invested nearly $6M to support creative careers. These creators have been able to leap forward in their creator businesses and expand across new platforms and verticals. Among these creators, 50% receiving Juice Funds are from underrepresented communities.  

“Juice Funds Refresh motivated me to make higher quality videos and hire a video editor. At some point a business owner needs to start outsourcing and now I can pull the trigger to grow my business with easy up-front cash thanks to Juice.” – TheSimonShi, early Juice Funds Refresh creator

“Juice Funds creators span the gamut from 10,000 subscribers to 4M+. We focus on supporting and investing in creators of all sizes and verticals. This type of creator is just as important as a big star – which is what the creator economy is all about.” – Dustin Blank, Head of Creator Partnerships & Investments at Creative Juice. 

Take control of your cash flow and your growth by getting access to capital – Apply today!

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