This weekend I went for brunch with one of my most creative friends (to Where the Pancakes Are in Borough Market which I highly recommend). She told me about an AI content generator that could save me hours reformatting and editing. 

As creatives, making and planning the content is the fun bit. Reformatting it, adding captions and coming up with hashtags is the boring part. So naturally I’ll welcome any platform that can reduce the time I have to spend doing that part of the job. 

Munch basically takes larger pieces of content – music video, advert, short film etc – and repurposes pieces of it into 9:16 format content for use on TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts etc. You can use an already public URL or a private video file. The app also adds content for you. 

This is great news for content creators as reformatting specific 20 second clips from long form content in 9:16 can take quite a bit of time. GetMunch even adds captions to your videos in your desired font which for dyslexics like myself is extremely encouraging. 

We put it to the test. I entered a URL from my latest music video, La Rosa, on YouTube. After about 5 minutes of loading, while I just went downstairs to buy an oat latte, I returned to ten clips of short form. Visually, they looked great and produced a bunch of outfit montages and excerpts from my music video with the sound untouched. The captions, on the other hand, were poor. Most words were transcribed inaccurately – in fairness, my song is bilingually sung in Spanish and English but even the English parts were off. The font was also an-aesthetic and fairly blurry despite me selecting a fairly attractive sample prior to generating. 

For this reason, I would recommend using Munch to generate effortless 9:16 clips at a duration of choice and then sourcing an external caption generator to do that specific role – maybe even one where you can enter your own lyrics or script so that it generates captions in an aesthetic-first format and avoids spelling errors.  

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