Designed by London-based Chong Studio, Gerry’s bubblegum toned seltzer cans will get you ready for some summer lovin’ with their 50s diner feel. 

The aesthetic is vintage but the consumer is youthful – and Gerry’s advertising conveys this clearly. Young people sip the drink on a poster with a grainy finish and retro font face. The mood perfectly encapsulates the past 18 months where young people have both started a culture of their own on TikTok but this is a culture that dives deep into nostalgia due to the desire to socialise and escape. 

Ade Chong is the strategic design director behind the branding. Having grown up in Singapore, she moved to London to join creative agency Impero, where she worked for eight years as their design director. She told Creative Boom “I love digging away at the consumer and looking for nuggets and insights to bring out a product that actually adds value to them” and this passion couldn’t be clearer. 

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