The trends that should shape and help you navigate your 2022 content marketing strategies and initiative.

Adopt people-centric brand storytelling:

  • Everyone loves a good story. But for storytelling to work successfully as a content marketing vehicle, it takes more than a strong message and a well crafted narrative. 
  • Remember: People trust (other) people more than they trust any form of marketing communication. Your content needs to come from a place of honesty, communicate with clarity, and relate to their emotional needs and interests.

Focus on video:

  • The most powerful content format.
  • What’s more, a number of major social media platforms such as Pinterest and LinkedIn — have now shifted their focus to video, which means it’s no longer dominated by videocentric platforms like YouTube, TikTok and Instagram.
  • Remember: If they want to keep up, brands have no choice but to meet their demands and deliver fun, engaging, and educational marketing videos.

Prioritize and optimize your content processes for efficiency:

  • 2022 is likely to be a year of rebuilding, reconsidering, and reprioritizing content initiatives.
  • This means stepping back and looking at the goals and opportunities that are most important right now. This may also mean taking steps in a whole new direction or just refining your existing strategy.
  • But whatever steps you take, make sure the amount of effort you’re putting in stays in balance with the outcomes and experiences your customers are expecting to see.

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