The digital-first insurance company wants to motivate small businesses to take the leap to them with the help of uplifting new branding designed by Collins. 

According to design agency Collins there are some clichés surrounding insurance companies. These clichés “are either your overly earnest protectors from doom, or rely on the absurdity of animals and athletes to help you remember them”. 

The new visuals adopt a cute animated and illustration-style approach welcoming an array of cute characters, including a toolbox and a chef’s hat, and bright primary palettes.

The nostalgic illustration style is intended to draw a link between the Covid-19 pandemic and periods of adversity in the past, such as the 1920s depression and economic turbulence during the 1970s, according to the agency.

Such a creative decision aligns with other brands’ recent leaning into friendly characters and illustration to liven up otherwise dry subjects.

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