Enough students are using AI program ChatGPT as a shortcut in their coursework that some college professors feel a need to reconsider their lesson plans for the upcoming term. 

To give some perspective, ChatGPT achieved the highest score on an AP Biology exam and passed a freshman year at Harvard with a 3.34 GPA. While some schools chose to outright ban the use of ChatGPT, others are exploring ways it can be a tool for learning.

“I’m planning on going mediaeval on the students and going all the way back to oral exams,” Christopher Bartel, a philosophy professor at Appalachian State University, told Insider in January. “They can AI generate text all day long in their notes if they want, but if they have to be able to speak it, that’s a different thing.”

While many concerned professors plan on going back to pen and paper assessments to test memory and avoid AI use, a Canadian writing professor told Fox News that he plans to go further. He wants to make assignments more “personalised” in an effort to cut down the use of ChatGPT on essays. 

Although ChatGPT usage dropped almost 10% from May to June, most experts believe it’s because most students went on summer break. If students are the main users of the program, experts think it could mean trouble for OpenAI.

What’s most interesting is that some teachers are even making use of AI to streamline their workflow. Some even use ChatGPT Plus to write lesson plans, generate exercise worksheets, and come up with quiz questions, which can save hours of time.

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