“City Portals” The new sci-fi attraction connecting you across to another city

A futuristic portal appeared in Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital city. The portal was designed to connect residents to another ‘portal’ in Poland’s Lublin in response to Coronavirus travel restrictions.

Lithuania’s capital city Vilnius has built a ‘portal’ to connect residents to another ‘portal’ in Poland’s Lublin in response to travel restrictions.

The futuristic-style portal has been installed next to the Vilnius train station, allowing visitors to make contact in real time with residents of Lublin, Poland.

The sci-fi attraction, which resembles a virtual circular door, has a large screen and cameras. Live images can be transmitted between the two cities via the internet.

The portal serves as a virtual bridge to connect people of different cultures. Organisers plan to create various portals across Europe and the world in the near future.

The organisers are looking forward to building portals around the world. Anywhere, in particular, would you like London’s portal to connect to?

Images from: Go Vilnius

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