Celebrating International Women’s Day (IWD) – 30 Creative Women on Wishu who WOW

Celebrating WOMXN on Wishu

International Women’s Day (IWD) provides a perfect opportunity to combine important messaging and awareness-raising with creativity. Check out how these womxn and groups have creatively influenced the UK’s creative industry with their creative craft in their portfolio. 

Nihan Aydin, Graphic Designer

Lucy Taggart, Fashion Stylist

Kelly Gellard, Photographer & Retoucher

Hermione Ross, Illustrator

Alice Chadband, Fashion Stylist

Simona De Leo, Illustrator

Wendy Asumadu, Makeup artist

Madeleine Bowden, Stylist

Gülce Gokceoglu, Illustrator

Margo Holder, Hair and Makeup Artist

Alba Urquia, Illustrator

Wiktoria Lewandowska, Illustrator & Animator

Rudy Warner, Illustrator, Designer

Eva Dimitrova, Photographer

Frida Berg, Photographer

Jessie Gardiner, Graphic Designer, Illustrator

Yasemin Crouch, Illustrator

Raquel Blazquez, Illustrator, painter

Julia Sabiniarz, Graphic Designer, Photographer

Eva Priestley, Artist, Illustrator

Eline Adriaensens, Illustrator, Graphic Designer

Emily Cox, Illustrator

Charlene Williams, Makeup Artist

Oliwia Jancerowicz, Producer, Stylist

Rebecca Feneley, Fashion and Beauty Illustrator

Florence Clementine, Illustrator

Jasmine De Silva, Photographer, Director

Katherine Zuleta Gil, Hair and Makeup Artist

Marie Sopikova, Makeup Artist

Chloe Rose, Hair and Makeup Artist

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