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17 January 2022

Juan Arango Palacios’ Illustrations Are an Ode to Migration, Identity and Queerness

Colombia-raised and Chicago-based, Palacios grew up in a Colombian Catholic family and has expressed that Latin Catholic iconography was the first example of art they experienced. As a result, Palacios makes use of colour, motif… Continue Reading

11 January 2022

Quil Lemons Explores His Philadelphian Home in Moving Shots

Almost a year ago, at aged 23, Quil Lemons became the the youngest fashion photographer to shoot a Vanity Fair cover. November 2021 then saw Lemons launch his most personal work to date, commissioned by… Continue Reading

6 December 2021

Understanding of Ethics In Design

When we sat down to interview Ana Grigorovici of Uncommon Goods, she excited an epiphany in our relationship with design. Grigorovici reminded us that “everything is design” because almost everything is designed.  Illustration by Arianna Cristiano “Every interaction is designed, our outfits are designed for different occasions from interviews to parties. Someone once told society that different types of clothing… Continue Reading

23 November 2021

40+ Best Gift Ideas for Creatives This Christmas 2021

After a bleak Christmas 2020 this year we’re hoping for an extravagant, maximalist Christmas with all the trimmings. Here is our ever-growing gift guide for creatives.  Spanky Santa Christmas Tree Decoration Naughty but nice ‘Can’t Be Arsed’ Notebook We all love a bit of irony whether Scrooges or Christmas fairies.  Amy Winehouse: Beyond Black By Naomi Parry Stunning photos and… Continue Reading

23 November 2021

Sophie Vallance’s Way of Translating Life with Autism

The Glaswegian artist’s paintings cleverly transcribe the viewers with many elements that make up an autistic person’s experience of reality, particularly social interactions. Vallance covers themes such as lack of eye contact, stillness and a large imagination in a beautifully nuanced way as well as looking at themes such as poise, bravery and tenderness which are all too often left… Continue Reading

12 November 2021

Top 100 UK Creative Agencies

The 100 UK Creative Agencies Jellyfish Jellyfish is one company connected across the world by hundreds of brilliantly different people. Come and find out more about them. Clients include: Netflix, Aviva Visit Jellyfish Sideshow An evidence-driven digital communications agency with a can-do attitude. Clients include: KFC, Experian, SpecSavers, HSBC, VISA, Zizi, EE, Tesco Bank, Arts University Visit Sideshow BrainLabs A… Continue Reading

22 October 2021

The Number One Productivity Killer – Emails?

Video killed the Radio Star but did Email kill your Creative Spark? Yeah, that was a little cheesy but I was just trying to drive the point home.  Of course, for most freelancers, email is a no-brainer necessity when it comes to running your own business. It’s a means to reach out to prospective leads, keep in touch with existing… Continue Reading

12 October 2021

In Creative Conversation with Rianna Patterson

Rianna Patterson is a force to be reckoned with. Only in her early twenties, Kent-based Rianna is a personal development coach, multi-award winning global TEDx speaker, changemaker and founder of the Dominica Dementia Foundation. Not… Continue Reading

24 September 2021

The Fab Five Is Ready For a New Season…Now In Lego Form!

Ok so, Lego has dropped a detailed version of the Fab Five in their Atlanta loft and we didn’t know we needed this set till just now. Also, Tan’s hair looks even better in Lego form than human form...if that’s even possible.  The loft - co-designed by Bobby, of course - features a grooming section for Jonathon, a clothing rack… Continue Reading

16 September 2021

The MET Gala 2021 Theme: American Fashion – Why?

Photo by Getty Images This Monday saw the most famous fashion event of the year resume after a year off due to the pandemic.  The theme this year was ‘American Independence’ and saw some celebrities stay truer to the theme than others. Kim Kardashian made a bondage-style homage to the classic black t-shirt, Lupita Nyongo stunned in denim and Kendall… Continue Reading