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20 January 2022

The Companio: The Publication by Pentagram That Aims to Articulate Machine Learning

Pentagram partners Jody Hudson-Powell, Luke Powell and Naresh Ramchandani have collaborated with semiconductor company Graphcore to design this new publication which aims to communicate the core values behind machine learning.  Inspired by the Latin word… Continue Reading

19 January 2022

Sarah Horn’s Book En-Suites Explores Nostalgic Graphic Design via Blackpool Hotels

Until now, we wouldn’t usually put British seaside city Blackpool and graphic design hand in hand. Sarah Horn’s stunning is changing that.  Released by Occasional Papers, the arts-focused non-profit publisher founded by graphic designer Sara… Continue Reading

18 January 2022

Mucho Rebrands Visa with Modernism at its Centre

On January 14, just a few days ago, Visa launched its first rebrand since 2014. The big change? Its logo no longer includes its name, Visa. Instead, three horizontal stripes, blue, white and gold, make… Continue Reading

18 January 2022

New Balance X Strava: Address Less Conventional Forms of Exercise

From walking the dog to carrying out household chores, New Balance’s latest campaign entitled Play New - in collaboration with fitness app Strava - is the most relatable sportswear ad we have seen in a… Continue Reading

17 January 2022

The Göteborg Film Festival Celebrates Cinema’s Darker Side

Renowned for its quirky themes and engaging ad campaigns, the festival’s latest spot is hypnotically jam-packed with cinematic references.  Standing at 1 minute 45 seconds, the Swedish festival’s short is created by local agency Stendahls.… Continue Reading

17 January 2022

Larissa De Jesús Negrón Wants to Produce “Absurd” and “Uneasy” Work

Based in New York, the art style of Larissa is what some might define as neo-surreal. In the same way that the original wave of surrealist arms wanted to unease the spectator via themes such… Continue Reading

17 January 2022

Blond’s Redesign for Vent Aims to Humanise Tricky Tech Subjects

London-based creative studio Blond has produced a brand identity and strategy for crypto funding platform Vent, using humanistic design signposts to appeal to a new, broader demographic. Vent allows users to research and invest in… Continue Reading

13 January 2022

We Miss EU: Michael Nguyen’s Photographs Unveil Europe’s Specific Magic

Nguyen’s latest series, By The Roadside, focuses on street and urban landscapes, architectural objects and the little details that make Germany, Austria and Italy unique. The photos were taken during lockdowns and focus a spotlight… Continue Reading

13 January 2022

A New Technology Is Replacing Green Screen

Despite its innovation and mass successful use, green screens do have several drawbacks. Removing the green screen is never as quick as VFX artists would hope, and can tend to cast a green light over… Continue Reading

13 January 2022

Streaming Killed the Silver Screen Star: With Quiet Award Ceremonies and a Declining Box Office Goers, What’s to Happen to the Future of Cinema?

The Golden Globes were semi ‘cancelled’ this year leaving many of us puzzled. The reason behind the awards’ omission from TV sits among questions about the organisation’s membership and its integrity.  Even so, the winners… Continue Reading