Canva, the highly successful design platform boasting 135 million users and over $570 million in funding, is taking its offering to the next level. At the inaugural Canva Extend developer conference in San Francisco, the company unveiled a suite of new developer tools aimed at empowering external developers and tapping into their creative potential. With the release of a software development kit (SDK) and a set of robust APIs, Canva is opening up its platform for third-party applications, while also introducing an app marketplace and a $50 million investment fund to support promising ideas. The SDK, meticulously crafted by Canva’s team, provides a seamless and polished experience for developers, enabling them to build applications on top of the Canva platform. This marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey, as it seeks to foster collaboration and innovation within its ecosystem.

Cameron Adams, co-founder and chief product officer, emphasized the limitless possibilities for developers, stating, “With the new APIs, we’ve just totally unlocked our platform. Now any developer can start creating an app that allows him or her to truly interact with people’s designs.”

The announcement introduces five powerful APIs: Asset, Data, Design, Fetch, and User. These APIs empower developers to leverage Canva’s technology and user base, allowing them to add text elements, image elements, video elements, create custom shapes, and illustrations within users’ designs.

Developers now have access to a vast pool of 135 million potential users, offering an unprecedented growth channel and an opportunity to contribute to the vibrant design ecosystem. To facilitate the distribution of third-party apps built on the platform, Canva also unveiled an app marketplace. This marketplace will serve as a hub for users to discover and access innovative applications that enhance their design experience.

By fostering an ecosystem of complementary tools and services, Canva aims to provide its users with a rich and diverse set of options to unleash their creativity. Moreover, Canva announced the establishment of a $50 million investment fund designed to fuel the growth of app developers at various stages.

From promising startups to rapidly scaling ventures, Canva is committed to supporting developers on their journey and helping them reach their full potential. With this fund, Canva recognizes the value and potential of app developers as they contribute to the growth and expansion of the platform.

The company has been actively collaborating with developers through a nine-month beta program, and with a waitlist of over 10,000 eager participants, the developer tools are now available to all. This milestone marks an exciting new chapter for Canva as it invites developers worldwide to harness their creativity, tap into the Canva user base, and unlock new possibilities in design.

Canva’s dedication to empowering developers and fostering innovation demonstrates its commitment to pushing the boundaries of design. By embracing external talent and investing in their success, Canva is poised to further enhance its position as a leading design platform, revolutionizing the way people create and collaborate on visual content.

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