Candles That Smell of the Nostalgia We Felt in Lockdown? Yes please…

Earl of East has teamed up with London based agency Uncommon to deliver these genius candles. We’re adding them to our Christmas gift lists already.

Entitled ‘Scents of Normality’, the limited-edition, soy wax candles smell like the “places we miss the most” and come in three evocative scents: The Local, The Cinema, and The Festival. They’re available to buy online right now with money raised going to the charity Hospitality Action. What’s not to love? 

Uncommon has spoken about its motivation to give light to the difficulties faced by the hospitality industry these past eighteen months. “To help support these workers who are suddenly facing hardship, we’ve collaborated with home fragrance brand Earl of East on a unique series of scented candles” said the agency. 

The copy description for each of the candles is enough to evoke all possible nostalgia. The Festival’s package description reads  “A floral haze of cut grass, burned skin and sun-warmed cider with a ribbon of sweet cannabis smoke.” Meanwhile, for The Local, it says: “Top notes of spilt beer, hair pomade and chip fat jostle amongst a pungent base of varnished teak and sticky carpet”. 

The line also welcomes an array of artists from different spots around the world including Portland-based illustrator and graphic designer, Lan Truong, who captured the Festival scent, London-based illustrator, Thomas Hedger, who reflects the everyday local pub and Vancouver-based designer, Victoria Sieczka, who colourfully evokes the spilt-popcorn stickiness of a trip to the cinema.

Every candle sold supports Hospitality Action’s work in helping people in the hospitality industry through the hardships of lockdown and beyond. To donate and find out more about the charity visit hospitalityaction.org.uk/donate.

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