As well as being a source of extra income, webinars are brilliant ways to remind yourself of how much knowledge you possess. Especially during a lockdown, hosting a webinar makes you feel resilient and focused rather than useless and depressed (emotions that are far too familiar these days). 

Once you have hosted a few sessions, you can branch out and host collaborative webinars with other freelancers. This benefits both parties as it introduces both of your work and knowledge to an entirely different audience which broadens your network. 
Webinars could even be one of the largest silver linings brought by the pandemic. You don’t have to trek to Soho or Shoreidtch, you don’t have to face a room of one hundred fellow Londoner and sit on a creaky stool. Instead you can reach anybody in any continent with your joggers on! What’s not to like! This means an endless amount of invites can be sent out which means more money too.  
Hosting a webinar also, and most importantly, increases your confidence. You’re reminded of how much of a hard-working boss b**ch you are! Webinars enable you to converse, advise and help you stay in your creative realm. 

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