My family and I have a running joke about the similarities between myself and UK Drag Queen Davina De Campo – the main similarity is that we can both sing in 5 languages while doing the splits, are proud to announce such a skill and tend to take things very seriously (Aqaurius and Taurus queens). For my birthday last year, my sister and one of my best friends came together to buy me a present. That present was a Cameo video from Davina herself. 

If you haven’t bought or received a Cameo directly from the platform itself, you may have seen lesbian comedic icon Mirium Margoyles go completely off script during certain videos talking about how much she dislikes children. 

Many also don’t know that you can also book live calls as well as pre-recorded videos. Naturally, these are a little more expensive. You can search Cameo by category, like actors, musicians or comedians. Or you enter specific terms in the search bar, like “UK Drag Race.” There are thousands of celebrities on Cameo’s marketplace, so using your own search terms is helpful!

Humorous anecdotes aside, Cameo is essentially a platform that allows users to purchase custom videos by celebrities. Naturally, the more famous the celebrity, the more the video will cost. Most users order Cameos for other people because they make a perfect gift — and bonus, no wrapping required. But you don’t need to wait for a special occasion. You can also order a video for yourself or as part of a business strategy.

Cameo for Business was designed specifically for companies seeking a celebrity endorsement for their new product launch or a host for their upcoming event.
If you’re looking for a video for business purposes, you have to go through the Cameo for Business website. A personal Cameo video can’t be used for promotional or commercial purposes, according to the Cameo Terms of Service.

As with personal Cameo videos, there’s a range in prices, but you can typically expect that a business video will have a higher price tag. For example, Lindsay Lohan will create a personalised video for $500, but for a business video, she charges $3,500.

Cameo for Business also offers customised support for businesses. Collaborate with Cameo to create a plan and set measurable goals, and get data-driven recommendations for celebrities that will resonate with your audience.

Cameo will also help you execute your campaign in as little as a week— ideal if you’re on a tight timeline!

As a business owner, you can utilise Cameo Business in a variety of different ways. The celebrity endorsed videos can be perfect for building awareness, particularly for brands targeting a young demographic who want to tap into the 339 million daily users of Snapchat.

Through Snap x Cameo, retail brand Mattress Firm created a series of video ads to raise brand awareness, working with a number of celebrities that included NFL stars, TV personalities and content creators. The campaign drove an 8-point lift in ad awareness and resulted in a video view rate that was 3x as high as the industry average.

A cameo video may also be perfect for a product launch. Snack line Dean’s Dips partnered with Cameo and Hall of Fame baseball player Chipper Jones to create a “Chipper and Dipper” campaign to promote their new dips. Through Cameo, they were able to find a celebrity that fit their customer demographic perfectly. After all, what goes better with sports than chips and dip?

Companies can also use the app to book guest hosts for a podcast or an inspiring speaker for your next event, Cameo is an alternative to traditional speaker bureaus. You can book speakers for hosting gigs and panels, but also co-create a custom event agenda that builds off the star’s personality.

Cameo also enables brands to capitalise on existing trends. Chipotle booked a business video with the iconic “I love corn” kid, Tariq, through Cameo. Together, they created a TikTok video about their shared love of chilli-corn salsa (and racked up more than 56 million views in the process!)

This strategy worked because of the timing. It went live just a few weeks after Tariq rocketed to online fame, when “Corn Boy” was still resonating with online audiences. If you want to capitalise on a viral trend or meme, speed is everything. Fortunately, Cameo can turn around a business campaign in less than a week.

You’ll receive a link to your Cameo video by email. It will also be added to your Cameo account when it’s ready. You can find it by logging into your account and checking “My orders.”

Cameo prohibits requests that involve hateful or violent speech, as well as sexual or pornographic content. You cannot send or request nude videos, for example, or ask a celebrity to harass someone.

Cameo may just be the way to brighten your business’ feed and capitalise on existing trends. 

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