Spotify has created a list of playlists in partnership with CALM, podcast creators, CALM Ambassadors, and familiar faces from music and entertainment. Mental health sits centre stage in these playlists with the goal being to soothe, enlighten and infuse listeners with positive thinking to encourage a more conformable energy.

Research shows that listening has a positive effect on our mood. In preparation for creating the Mental Health Awareness Week Hub, Spotify conducted a bit of research among 2,000 people in the UK, to look at the relationship between audio and mental health. It found 88% of people use music to help improve their mood and overall mental well-being, with 40% saying they have increasingly turned to music and podcasts to help them navigate and cope with anxieties and mental health struggles during the lockdown. 

“In these uncertain times, many people are feeling the impact of lockdown, and needing our helpline services more than ever. However, music and audio can have an incredible effect to calm, unite and connect us, even when we cannot be together. By teaming up with Spotify we hope to provide some light relief and help people take a break from all that’s happening, whilst opening up the conversation about mental health and reminding them that we are here should they need us”.  – CALM CEO, Simon Gunning 

“At Spotify, we know first hand the power of audio to enhance mood, so it’s no surprise to us that this latest research shows people are looking to music and podcasts to aid their mental wellbeing. Listening has the ability to lift us up, make us laugh, bring our memories to life and help us feel connected with others. Through our partnership with CALM, we hope to help create further awareness about Mental Health Awareness Week and the incredible work CALM continues to do. We hope to play our role in encouraging more people to talk freely and openly about mental health, which has never been more important than it is right now”. Tom Connaughton, Spotify UK and Ireland Managing Director

Feeling overwhelmed? Get listening to Spotify Mental Health Awareness Week Hub!

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