Bumble has not only announced a relaunch of its namesake dating app but plans to lay off 30% of its workforce in the process – that’s the equivalent of 350 jobs.  

According to itsCEO Lidiane Jones, Bumble will relaunch the Bumble app in the second quarter of this year with a “compelling modern experience” that has a “stronger appeal to younger users”. Furthermore, Jones hinted to new features which will include an easier way to create profiles, insights on profile pictures and better app performance. 

Within the same sphere, Tinder, the most popular dating app in Match Group’s portfolio, also is looking to make profile creation easier. The app is testing an AI feature called photo selector to recommend profile photos, Tinder CEO Faye Iosotaluno recently told Axios.
Usually considered a millennial and/or sex-focused app, Tinder also brought back its marketing efforts on college campuses to reach younger people. 

The desire to relaunch and rebrand comes from statistics projecting a cultural change. 79% of U.S. college and graduate students said they do not use any dating apps, according to a Axios/Generation Lab survey conducted in October.

“We think there is an opportunity to approach younger users differently to meet the need of more organic discovery of friendship, companionship, love and beyond,” Jones added.

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