Braid is a new tech startup which enables creators to set up SMS messaging or push notification blasts to their followers, and start group chats as well. Founded by ex-Facebook product manager Matthew Cahill and software developer Chris Piro, the product started development in the middle of 2020 and raised $6.8 million in seed funding from Andreesen Horowitz and Initialized Capital the next year. The eight-person startup launched the service to the public this week, after testing it with some users late last year. 

According to Cahill, one creator has even been using the platform to start group chats during reality TV episodes to watch along with her followers. Creators are also able to advertise any deals or coupon codes from partnerships they have with brands. 

Braid hopes to solve the issue of long term engagement. The founders note that while creators often get a swell of followers when algorithms on TikTok, Instagram or YouTube make their content go viral, they often find it difficult to keep these new fans engaged. 

“Algorithmic discovery has basically solved the distribution problem, but has made it harder than ever to actually build a long term relationship with your audience because you’re literally always this wipe away from just being forgotten forever,” Cahill told The Information. 

Regarding its near future vision, Braid intends to introduce tools powered by artificial intelligence such as a tool that allows creators to auto-respond to users smartly. If a creator has products they’re trying to advertise, Braid envisions an AI-tool with the capability to respond to questions about products in their shop. 

The startup also has plans to develop a fan management dashboard to show creators on the platform what content is performing well across their accounts.

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