Entitled “My Head is a Jungle”, Thapp’s 3D maze-like structure filled with murals and sculptures transforms Now Gallery’s space. 

Images by Charles Emerson

Now Gallery’s Young Artist programme is located in London’s recently redeveloped Greenwich Peninsula and collaborates with upcoming artists to give them a platform and opportunity to showcase their work and create a unique vision for the gallery space. 

Annually, the gallery hosts a Young Artist commission which celebrates young illustrative talent. Previous editions featured the work of Pakistani visual artist and Instagram sensation Sara Shakeel and London illustrator, Hattie Stewart. 

This year, it’s Manjit’s turn and her installation marks the first time she has translated her designs from paper to create an immersive display. Her 3D maze-like structure is adorned with large-scale murals and sculptures, with a large fluorescent red sun hanging above – an integral theme of her work. A young Asian protagonist also features regularly to represent the contemporary female experience within today’s modern cultural landscape.

In an interview with Creative Review, Thapp stated that “the show is called My Head is a Jungle, so it’s looking at the similarities between our minds and a jungle setting. There are themes of overgrown thoughts, tangled feelings, hidden fears.”

The show is on until October 31st at Now Gallery – nowgallery.co.uk

More information on Manjit Thapp – manjitthapp.co.uk

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