Making genuine connections in the Creative Industry can be a struggle. Especially with the majority of events still being online-based. I decided to spend some time testing out a few UK based networking sites, I found out which networking platforms actually work. Looking at the resources, opportunities and events these platforms provide, I came up with my top choices for networking platforms. 

I Like Networking - Wishu Feature
I Like Networking


I LIKE NETWORKING is a platform that aims to support women and non-binary professionals looking for a career in the creative and cultural industry and those who already work in the field but feel stuck.

Who is it for?

Women working in the creative industries & Women who want to work in creative industries

The Dots - Top networking site for creators via Wishu


The professional network for people who don’t wear suits to work. A platform where you can land a dream job. Upskill and network at events. Get advice & find collaborators via the community forum. 

Who is it for?

Creative professionals working in the creative industries & creative professionals who want to work in creative industries. 

And Wishu…plot twist!

It might sound obvious, but Wishu has its own channels for networking. Not just that but also events, portfolio building and creative job hunting. It’s no wonder we have over 10,000 UK users interacting within the community every day. 



A community-driven platform for creative freelancers and businesses. Where creative companies and agencies can creative freelance jobs, and manage creative projects. 

Who is it for?

Best for creative freelancers who are working in the creative industries for more than 2 years.


Hubert Trinkunas, Head of Community at Wishu

Rosa Cecilia, Community Associate at Wishu

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