Best Music Videos of The Summer: 2021 Edition

2021 has presented a rather unique summer to say the least. One swaying in limbo between freedom and now cemented, socially distant habits. With some clubs open and carnivals still not yet back in swing many of us have relied on music to bring back the sunny, low-fi vibe that we have all been craving for almost two years now. Here is a list of 5 music videos from British artists that brought some visual sun to our 2021 summer. 

Shaybo – My Sister ft. Jorja Smith

British-Nigerian artist Shaybo collaborates with R&B superstar Jorja Smith on a track that stresses the importance of female friendships and the emotional support femme friends bring. The music video follows two weaving narratives of two young girls running through a church whispering, giggling and demonstrating the beauty of childhood friendship. Alternatively Smith and Shaybo sing among candles and a live band at the church. The young girls then turn into teenagers and sit side by side with Smith and Shaybo in co-ordinating colours of pink and blue. We learn one of the teenagers is pregnant and receives support from her childhood friend. Shaybo adorns a mesh and bedazzled corset jacket with matching pencil skirt and bedazzled platform shoes where Jorja dazzles in nude coloured trousers and ruched top. 

Little Simz – Woman ft. Cleo Sol

Opulence, jewel tones and feminism are the tone for Little Simz latest video. Set in a mansion, the London rapper celebrates women of colour. Simz is dressed in jewels and fur, sat at a business table with several business women in jewel toned suits. The song’s verses describe ‘miss Jamaica’ ‘miss Ethiopia’ ‘miss India’ and other country representatives unpacking their beauty and brains. The video mirrors the verses with various montages of different models – including Jordann Dunn – dancing among chandeliers in the mansion. Mirrors, glass and jewels create an opulent theme of reflection. 

Celeste – Tonight Tonight

This short 2-minute film promises nostalgia in every form. Opening with brass-based jazz, the video has a Woody Allen-esque tone merging with surrealism as Celeste reads a newspaper which then bursts from the seams with water. The surrealism continues as she aims to light a cigarette which then expands, doubling in length. The singer gives up and puts on a Walkman which she then starts singing along to. The song is of course, Tonight Tonight and the tones of the room are nudes, reds and blacks mirroring the newspaper at the start. Celeste wears a feather boa collared coat. The singer then walks down an Alice In Wonderland-style labyrinth now adorning a red beehive wig. 

Dua Lipa – We’re Good

In this 1920s inspired video, Lipa plays a jazz singer at a seafood restaurant where the walls are adorned with renaissance art. The video follows Lipa perform with backing singers and a live band in various jewelled outfits as waiters take lobsters from a tank. Again we are seeing themes of surrealism and opulence surface as perhaps a post-covid viewer wishes to see glitz, glam, fun and hedonism. 

Dave – Clash (ft. Stormzy)

“Clash” is every bit as loud, bodacious, and in your face as you would expect from a Dave and Stormzy track. Produced by Dave’s close friend and collaborator Kyle Evans, the punchy drill number has come at the perfect time as nightclubs prepare to reopen. The visuals also scream opulence as each party flexes their rich and lavish lifestyle which we can only dream of — something most of us definitely cannot relate to, but you can’t help but feel proud of how far they’ve come, right?

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