Now that we are no longer constrained to the four walls of our home study area or room, we may feel like venturing out and working remotely in a cafe as we people watch and sip on americanos or a chardonnay come five o’clock. Here is Wishu’s list of our favourite cafes in London to work from.

W6 Garden Centre and Cafe, Hammersmith, West London 

A small oasis situated in the Hammersmith corner of Ravenscourt Park, W6 Garden Centre welcomes people and their pets with a strong wifi connection, tasty coffee and a warm wooden interior. Accompanied by a calming playlist, get productive among pine or palm trees depending on the season.

Look mum, no hands! Old Street, East London

This bike workshop meets coffee and wine bar screens cycling events and seats many remote workers along the long bar facing the street. Lightbulbs hang from the ceiling and retro orange chairs adorn the place to make for a young, hip yet cosy environment to work in.

Bread & Bean, North London

French toast, eggs benedict and banana bread scents waft through this charming north London cafe that feels cosy and homely with its blue-green walls and wooden tables. Snuggle up and plug in you laptop at the long jade sofa and work away.

Stir Coffee Brixton, South London

This musical space with antique accents is chic yet cosy. Most coffees are priced at £2.50 meaning you can treat yourself to a second or third to help power you through the day. 

Coffee Island, Central London

Located in the infamous Covent Garden, Coffee Island is your classic Friends sitcom style coffee shop, just a very high quality one. Spanning two floors and a decent amount of outdoor seating space, you’re sure to find a spot.

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