As creatives, we tend to be full of ideas but we may struggle when it comes to their execution or the financial reality that a project faces. Wishu has put together a list of books to help you manage the finance side of your creative business. 

Creative Inc: The ultimate guide to running a successful freelance business by Meg Mateo Ilasko and joy Deangdeelert Cho 

The book will teach all types of creatives, illustrators, photographers, graphic designers, animators, and more how to build a successful business doing what they love. Chapter 5 is particularly useful, entitled “Getting Paid” it covers how to pierce your services, negotiate and increase your fees and how to finesse a contract. 

How to start a creative business: The Jargon-free guide for Creative Entrepreneurs by Doug Richard 

A guide to starting and sustaining creativity-based businesses—from culinary to crafting to film to fashion and beyond. The book includes advice on Pricing Models, partnerships and marketing and budgeting for your creative business. 

Art For Money: Up Your Freelance Game and Get Paid What You’re Worth by Michael Ardelean

Ardelean’s book offers hard-won insights and practical tools any creative freelancer can apply to make a living and significantly grow their business. From billing, proposals and invoices to calendar management and setting up an LLC, this book is your couch on how to do it all. 

The Freelance Bible: Everything You Need to Go Solo in Any Industry by Alison Grade

Alison is your guide when it comes to starting a freelance business from picking up the financial essentials, growing your client base, managing your work-life balance, negotiating deals and value your time as you become more established. 

How to Be Good With Money by Eoin McGee

McGee knows that money isn’t everything but poor management of money naturally means that it becomes everything. Keeping mental health in mind, McGee shares his complete programme for financial well-being in this life-changing book.

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