2022’s Best Blog Post Ideas That Will (Really) Help Boost Visitors

The goal of writing blog content is to drive traffic, right? I mean, even if writing is your major passion there comes a point where you don’t just want to write if no one is going to see it. Blogging remains one of the most powerful ways to connect with your audience and drive them to action today so here are some ways to drive traffic.

Firstly, let’s break the blogs up into categories that tend to attract traffic:

  • Blogs that inspire readers
  • Blogs that entertain readers 
  • Blogs that promote your services 
  • Blogs that inform your readers 

Here are several examples for category that will shake things up and get things moving

Blogs that inspire readers

  • “A Day in the Life” – Give people a peek into your average day. What’s your routine, how do you find time to fit everything in, what are the must do tasks for a freelancer etc.
  • “How I Got Started” – how did you break the glass ceiling and get through the mystery gates of the industry. How can people even make money in your industry and where do they start? 
  • “Yearly goals and how I achieved them” – you could also apply this to weekly or quarterly goals. Let people know that organisation and motivation are key. What is the secret to achieving goals and how does one stay persistent and attentive? 

Blogs that entertain readers

  • “My work from home/on set/motivational playlist” – curate a playlist on Spotify or YouTube and share it on Instagram live. Your audience would love to know what music motivates you to work and get creative. Music is a universal language so this one tends to be a crowd pleaser. 
  • “Dream dinner party” – write down a list of five to ten people you would like to bring to your dream dinner party but make it freelance related. For example, if you’re a stylist which of your style icons would you invite? 
  • “Must watch for XYZ freelancers” – write a list of must see movies for people in your industry and career path. If we take the stylist example you might want to include movies featuring Edith Head or Givenchy pieces, if you’re a makeup artist, a list of 70s and 80s musicals may be appropriate. 

Blogs that promote your services 

  • “My best ever client experiences” – shining a spotlight on your best clients promotes their work, strengthens your connection with them and inspires others to engage with you too. It’s a win-win for everybody. 
  • “The inspiration behind my logo” – sharing the meaning behind your logo gives your audience an insight into the story of your brand. 
  • “Collection of client testimonials” – writing a collection of your top three client testimonials is a great way to spread word-of-mouth praise about your services and professionalism. 

Blogs that inform your readers

  • “Where our industry thrives” – industry insight always feels like a gold nugget of information to those within the field. Propose a list of the top ten cities for graphic designers, illustrators or music producers in your style or genre. You’re sure to inspire and motivate artists of all levels and expertise. 
  • “Product or Software Review” – not only does this engage those interested in the product but also showcases your level of expertise and insider knowledge on the hottest trends within your field. 
  • “Best courses or degrees for those in the industry” – this is especially useful if you have a young demographic for an audience. Sharing your own experience and reviews of courses and degrees available for those in the field can provide people with no link to the creative community a very insightful piece of information. 

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