BeReal still has advertiser potential, but its hype period has passed.

Okay, it’s far too early to dismiss the app entirely. However, it is clear that marketers have passed the peak of the hype cycle.

The only brands that appear to be sticking around are those that pride themselves on having a strong tone of voice across social media, rather than just an advertising presence. Other marketers have pushed BeReal to the sidelines.

Even if BeReal did have ads, there’s no guarantee that marketers would view it differently. There isn’t much to keep people interested once they arrive.

The team at BeReal said that working with brands is not their priority. That’s as clear a stance on advertising as it can get.

The problem is that other social media apps have already copied BeReal’s USP, making it even more difficult for the platform to compete.

If BeReal is to regain its popularity, it must broaden its appeal to creators and brands. Without that, the lack of consistent external investment and a lack of content variety will gradually push BeReal out of the social media landscape.

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