Attention Sneakerheads! StockX’s 5th Birthday Marks a New Look

As bizarre as 2020 was, some brands, artists and personalities intelligently capitalised on our new ways of life and thus manifested and attracted success. One of those brands was online sportswear company StockX. 2020 brought StockX 200 million website visitors – 90% more than the previous year – users bought and sold $1.8 billion-worth of products and the company was valued at $3.8 billion. Not bad, eh, considering it was founded only five years ago. To celebrate these many milestones and signify its expansion and growth, the company has had a visual revamp, centred around a new logo.

In recognising a five year anniversary the visual revamp adds an air of maturity but also an emphasis that the brand is forward thinking. In the original word mark, its two parts were disparate, the word “stock” laid out in sans serif type suffixed with its “X” logo. This logo closely resembled the arrows on a stock market chart, the upward slant taking the form of a green arrow symbolising stock price increase. In the new word mark, the “X” is slimmed down and refined, losing the arrow head, and now its arrows are way more subtle this confirming the brand’s maturely quiet confidence. The negative space at the left and right of the letterform creates two arrows pointing towards the centre, apparently representing “buyers and sellers coming together on a level playing field” the company say – this reflects the sense of community within the sneaker and sportswear aficionado field. It also visually alludes to an abstracted percentage sign, linking back to the site’s financial market-inspired mechanics.

Additionally, StockX’s new logo adopts a custom typeface that draws design details from the “X” in cutting away segments of letterforms on the “t” and “k” to also subtly resemble arrows. This brings cohesion to the word mark as a whole, unifying the two parts and making for an altogether cleaner and more sophisticated logotype.

The website also demonstrated a refreshed approach to colour using emerald green, coral, mustard yellow and blush pink together in various combinations. Slick products and lifestyle photography then sit centre stage on top of these diverse shades. 

“Our updated brand expression showcases how we’re moving into a stage of modernisation and punctuates our evolution into a more mature, more confident, and more inclusive StockX,” says Deena Bahri, chief marketing officer of StockX in a statement. “We’re not anchored to a single audience or product category — instead we sit squarely at the epicentre of current culture and our refreshed identity is reflective of that positioning.”

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