Army of creators drives Bose’s modernization

Bose, the audio business known for its high-end sound products, is modernizing its marketing strategy by relying on a team of creators instead of traditional ad agencies. Jim Mollica, the company’s chief marketing officer (CMO), recognizes the power of digital content creation and its ability to connect with the brand’s audience.

Mollica has built a dedicated “creative department” within Bose, comprising various creators such as audio specialists, designers, and videographers. These creators produce thousands of customized pieces of content each month, targeting consumers based on their listening occasions, such as music in the car or using headphones at work.

Bose’s marketing primarily focuses on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook, tailoring content to suit each audience. While TV still has a place in the marketing strategy for significant product launches and brand moments, Bose aims to engage with people through personalized online feeds. This shift has reduced the reliance on traditional ad agencies and fostered an internal team of creators equipped with analytics and consumer insights. The team produces diverse content, including YouTube series like “Bose Presents” featuring artists and meme-centric content on TikTok.

Bose has moved away from its previous agency of record structure and now works on a project basis with agencies and production partners. The company’s recent campaigns revolve around aligning the brand with culture and fandom, such as debuting products at New York Fashion Week and collaborating with music magazine NME. Bose also focuses on purpose-driven marketing, promoting diversity in music production through initiatives like “Turn the Dial” and supporting women in the industry.

While the company does not disclose its financials, Mollica reports positive brand metrics in a highly competitive category with tech giants like Apple and Samsung. For other brands considering an internal content team, Mollica advises being brave, building a strong relationship with finance, and demonstrating how it will yield positive results.

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