Trying to promote a service you offer, a new podcast or feature on your website? You may have looked in paying for Facebook ads to increase your reach and wondered – is this really worth it? Wishu outlines the steps necessary to ensure that if you do decide to pay for a Facebook ad that all the correct steps are in place and you’re then able to squeeze all the juice out of this business decision.

Facebook ads for creative freelancers to promote services


Are Facebook ads even worth it? (pros) 

Well, the answer is they can be. But you can’t just cross your fingers and hope for the best. If you are going to use paid Facebook ads as a way to attract more traffic to your site, ensure that you have the following key components in place; 
  • The exact language your clients are using
    If you don’t know the exact language your clients are using, you can’t create ads that will make potential clients click.
  • An opt-in page you know works
    you then need a compelling copy on your opt-in page before you’ll get their email address.
  • An opt-in offer you know your subscribers love
    The right opt-in offer will show them you’re great at what you do plus the right autoresponders to get them curious about your services.
  • Autoresponders that turn subscribers into hot prospects
    The right autoresponders will get them curious about your services.
  • A proven offer people actually want to buy
    You need an offer they’re interested in.
  • A consult and follow-up process will then turn prospects into paying clients 
The reason you need all these steps in place is because, due to the influx of advertisers on Facebook, it has gotten harder to make Facebook ads work for you—especially when you’re just starting out.

Make Use of the Custom Audiences Feature

Facebook has an advertising platform that provides tons of Ad targeting options that enable you to precisely define your target audience and reach them, no matter where they’re located, what they do or which device they use.
One feature is Custom Audiences. All you need to do is simply provide Facebook a list of user emails, user IDs, or phone numbers and it will automatically create a custom audience for you.
Why use Custom Audiences? 
  • It targets people who don’t open your emails
  • It targets your LinkedIn connections 
  • If you are offering free trials in your ad, this could easily turn into more paying customers and thus more revenue 
  • You can market to and target people who already look at your website and/or blog 
Hopefully, by making use of Custom Audiences and ensuring you have the key components outlined above in place, your Facebook ads will align with the algorithms and succeed in achieving the reach you’re hoping for. Please use Facebook Ads responsibly and only start using them if you have the extra marketing budget to spend. 

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