Apple’s highly anticipated Vision Pro headset, touted as a breakthrough in mixed reality technology, is reportedly facing production setbacks and a delayed release for its lower-cost model. Industry analysts have questioned the success of the Vision Pro, considering its premium price tag of $3,500 and the relatively unproven nature of mixed reality headsets.

The challenges faced by Apple in bringing the Vision Pro to market are multifaceted. First and foremost, the manufacturing process has been hampered by bottlenecks, resulting in a significant reduction in the number of units to be produced. Luxshare, the contract manufacturer responsible for assembling the headset, has been instructed by Apple to manufacture less than 400,000 units next year, a drastic decrease from the initial internal sales target of one million.

While both Apple and Luxshare declined to comment on the matter, sources close to the situation have confirmed the manufacturing difficulties. The manufacturing issues can be partially attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has disrupted supply chains and production processes across various industries. Even Apple, known for its meticulous planning and execution, has not been immune to these challenges.

Additionally, the Vision Pro’s cutting-edge features, such as micro-OLED displays, have further complicated the manufacturing process. Although the adoption of these technologies by other devices may lead to increased production and lower prices in the future, mixed reality headsets still represent a relatively untested market.

Moreover, the production delays and manufacturing hurdles have had a ripple effect on Apple’s product roadmap. The lower-cost version of the Vision headset, initially rumored for a 2025 release, has been pushed back. Apple likely hopes to garner wider adoption of the Vision Pro before introducing a more affordable model, as the former is aimed at attracting developers and corporations to the platform.

Early reviews of the Vision Pro have been positive, suggesting that there is genuine interest in the product. However, for a company like Apple, which is accustomed to launching blockbuster products, the slow and deliberate approach may be frustrating.

While the success of the Vision Pro remains uncertain, it is important to note that groundbreaking technologies often face initial challenges. Apple’s dedication to quality and innovation has propelled the company to great heights in the past. The company’s ability to navigate and overcome manufacturing obstacles will be crucial in determining the eventual market impact of the Vision Pro. Consumers and industry experts eagerly await the release of the headset in early 2024 to experience firsthand the possibilities of Apple’s foray into mixed reality.

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