Amazon to launch NFT marketplace next month

Amazon is rumoured to be planning the launch of an NFT marketplace in April. However, critics are claiming that the platform will only accept credit and debit cards. “Amazon has no intentions to accept cryptocurrency or wallets such as Metamask for the foreseeable future,” said AlexIsBuilding, a web3 developer.

According to anonymous sources cited by Big Whale, Amazon will launch 15 NFT collections alongside its marketplace on April 24. According to the report, the marketplace will be accessible via a tab on Amazon’s main website called Amazon Digital Marketplace. The news comes as the NFT market is beginning to show signs of recovery.

The platform will initially be available to customers in the United States before being made available internationally. According to the report, the marketplace’s launch was delayed twice in the aftermath of FTX’s high-profile collapse last November.

Many analysts are tipping that Amazon launching an NFT marketplace could be a significant vehicle for onboarding new web3 users

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