Alice Dodds – Celine (Copyright © Alice Dodds, 2021)

Looking for the cool makeup artist girl on the block? Alice Dodds is your woman. The London based MUA has worked on campaigns for Chet Lo, 50m showroom, Polyester magazine, High Snobiety, Dazed, Metal, Notion, Hunger and Gay Times just to name a few! This situates Dodds as a name to be reckoned with within London’s underground fashion scene. 

Alice Dodds – Polyester (Copyright © Alice Dodds, 2021)

What makes Dodd’s style so unique is that it sits within a venn diagram of pretty and commercial as well as subversive and other-worldly which is hard for many makeup artists to achieve. She often either uses feminine colours with unconventional application and shaping or dark, jarring colours applied in a commercial and feminine way thus always treading the line between pleasing the eye as well as questioning standards of feminine beauty. 

Alice Dodds – Chet Lo (Copyright © Alice Dodds, 2021)
Alice Dodds – Adam Jones LFW 2020 (Copyright © Alice Dodds, 2021)

This tactic also permits Dodds to go back in time and ignite nostalgia while also creating a fresh take. Bold brightly coloured 80s makeup is referenced in a few looks but the placement of a bright green in the inner corner rather than an authentically garish 80s wing makes the look feel futuristic and also approachable. 

Check out more of Dodds fab faces on her website.

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