I love AI! I recently discovered Munch which takes one long form video and chops it up into 8-12 TikTok and Reel format videos without having to edit, reframe or even edit the sound. As a content creator and content marketer, it is no secret that AI can work as a fantastic personal assistant. On the other hand, recent case studies have found several issues within AI created or assisted content regarding copyright infringement, plagiarism and, most frequently, inaccuracies. 

Despite its risks, it is without a question that AI technology in on course to change content marketing forever. The areas where it has the largest impact are ideation, saving time, and generating content. In a recent 2022 Aira survey of marketers worldwide 58.9% stated that they already used AI tools to optimise existing content. The most effective ways ChatGPT and other generative AI tools have enhanced content is through repurposing it to create related content, personalising it by tracking buyer and customer behaviour, creating high-ranking content by generating millions of competitive keywords, and testing content to determine which yields the best results. 

Despite this, there is much progress to be made with only 13% of marketers in the Aira survey thinking AI content is already indistinguishable from human content. As a result, it is unlikely that generative AI will be able to fully replace content marketers especially when it comes to creating content that is original, brand-specific, authoritative, and ready to publish. Having said that, the most fearful element of AI is arguably how fast it progresses. 

For the meanwhile, the most intelligent tactic would be to leverage the benefits of AI in a way that prioritises creativity. AI can format a content plan and research what similar brands are doing before you’ve finished making your morning coffee. Abuse this ability as a way to spend more time on creative brainstorming and presenting your brand’s narrative in a unique fashion. AI can do the admin… 

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