After making money from promoting FTX, finance influencers are apologising to their fans

Finance influencers are apologizing to fans after making money promoting FTX — and some say they’ll make changes…

Finance influencers who promoted FTX are doing some soul searching in the wake of its implosion. The crypto-exchange platform invested millions of dollars in partnerships with celebrities like Tom Brady and top influencers.

The platform, which filed for bankruptcy last Friday, is in crisis. Sam Bankman-Fried stepped down as CEO on Friday and FTX US froze withdrawals.

FTX had several high-profile deals with celebrities, athletes, and influencers, including a 19-year sponsorship of the Miami Heat for $135 million. In reaction to the news, some influencers who promoted the company through paid deals and affiliate marketing are apologizing to their fans.

Among the celebrities and influencers FTX paid to talk about the platform was the personal finance YouTuber Graham Stephan, who published a video on Thursday titled, “Let’s talk about FTX.

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