Since the rise of Bitcoin and a booming NFT craze in 2021, the floodgates have opened, with a mass of NFTs entering the cryptomarket daily. 

However, as you might expect with any economy, crypto has seen ups and downs in the past year. Platforms come and go and it can be hard to find reliable programs in the web3 and NFT space. 

So, to save you some time, I’ve vetted and compiled a list of the best AI affiliate programs that offer decent commissions, a long cookie life, and a great customer experience so you can keep pulling those recurring commissions for as long as possible.

Best 8 Affiliate Programs for NFT Influencers

Here is a list of our eight favorite affiliate programs for NFT influencers; 

1. Coinbase

Okay, so Coinbase is more than an NFT sales platform — it’s a huge crypto exchange, with over 98 million verified users across 100+ countries and $309 billion in quarterly volume traded.

But its stated mission is the build the so-called “cryptoeconomy” to create a fairer and more transparent, crypto-enabled financial system, and NFTs definitely play a part in that.

Established back in 2012, it offers a trusted and intuitive platform that allows anyone, anywhere to trade NFTs, send and receive Bitcoin, buy and sell NFTs, and much more besides. The Coinbase affiliate program offers a commission of 50% of your referees’ trading fees for their first three months using the platform. That means if the people you refer buy and sell a ton of crypto assets, you stand to receive a whole lot of commission.

When you earn money through the affiliate program, Coinbase will pay you electronically — via PayPal or your bank account — in your local currency, no matter where you live.

URL: Coinbase affiliate program
Commission rate: 50% of your referees’ trading fees for the first 3 months
Cookie duration: 30 days
Check out our in-depth Coinbase affiliate program review.


Founded in 2016, has launched various products — an app, its own visa cards, a crypto wallet, and more — designed to help more people access the world of cryptocurrency.

And, of course, it also runs its own newly launched NFT marketplace, giving people the ability to purchase, sell, and showcase non-fungible tokens across several digital asset categories, including art, gaming, sports, and music.

The affiliate program pays a $20 commission for all new customers who sign up to the platform after clicking your affiliate link. Not only that, but you’ll earn $10 when you persuade existing customers to link their accounts to the app via the desktop site.

URL: affiliate program
Commission rate: $10 per existing customer activation, $20 per new customer signup
Cookie duration: 30 days


As the name suggests, is a platform that helps creators and brands to mint non-fungible tokens from their artworks.

It describes itself as an NFT-as-a-service solution. And as anyone who’s read our guide to the top SaaS affiliate programs will tell you, any time you see the words “as a service”, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a high-paying affiliate program.

Pleasingly, is no different. Its NFT affiliate program pays commissions of 50% per sale — and with minting NFT plans climbing as high as $1,000 per month, that means you could be earning as much as $500 from a single referral.

And the good news doesn’t end there, because you also get lots of support to help you drive sales, including a 90-day cookie window and access to all the creatives you could need to promote products on the site.

URL: affiliate program
Commission rate: 50% per sale
Cookie duration: 90 days

4. Fiverr

The eagle-eyed among you will be well aware that Fiverr isn’t an NFT-specific website. Instead, it’s a freelance platform that allows businesses to buy products and services from specialists across more than 300 categories, from copywriting to digital design. And, of course, NFTs.

The best fit for affiliates who want to start promoting NFT products and services for sale on the Fiverr platform is Fiverr CPA, which pays a dynamic commission of $15 – $150 per purchase (provided that purchase was made by a new customer — Fiverr isn’t interested in existing customer referrals).

URL: Fiverr affiliate program
Commission rate: $15 – $150 per sale
Cookie duration: 30 days

5. AI Art Shop 

Domain names can tell you a lot about a business, and AI Art Shop is a great example.

It’s pretty much what it sounds like: a website where customers can buy and sell hundreds of unique artworks created by the company’s artificial intelligence algorithms.

That’s right — this is art made by AI, untouched by the human hand. Whether that’s exciting or a huge turn off to your audience will obviously dictate whether or not you can make money from this NFT affiliate program. Speaking of which, AI Art Shop’s NFT affiliate program pays a flat commission of 15% per sale. With some pieces selling for hundreds of dollars, there’s decent earning potential here.

Not only that, but on certain products, affiliates can share a 5% discount coupon with potential buyers, giving you a greater chance of closing the deal. This discount is applied at the checkout when someone buys via your affiliate link.

The only downside here is the seven-day cookie window, which is shorter than any of the other NFT affiliate programs we’ve reviewed.

URL: AI Art Shop affiliate program
Commission rate: 15% per sale
Cookie duration: 7 days

6. ZootChain

Zoot Chain is a little different to any of the other NFT affiliate programs in this blog post.

Rather than a platform to buy or sell NFTs, it offers NFT generating software that allows users to create as many non-fungible tokens as they want, without requiring any technical knowledge.

Customers can generate thousands — or even millions — of NFTs using the platform, with the ability to customize every layer or trait of each individual token.

Intriguingly, Zoot Chain doesn’t offer a subscription model. Instead, it charges customers a one-off fee of $250 for lifetime access. So users only need to pay once, then they can generate as many NFTs as their heart desires. That’s a compelling proposition.

Zootchain does offer a 50% cut of every sale — climbing to an extremely generous 75% for affiliates who refer to 10 successful sales. What’s more, Zoot Chain promises daily commission payments, so you won’t be waiting for weeks (or months) to access the money you’re owed.

URL: Zootchain affiliate program
Commission rate: 50% – 75% per sale
Cookie duration: 30 days

7. Sorare

Time for another out-of-the-ordinary affiliate program. Far from being just another NFT marketplace, Sorare is an NFT-based fantasy football (or soccer, for all our US readers) platform, on which users can buy and sell trading cards of their favorite players.

That may sound like a neat passtime, but it’s actually big business, with the French company raising $680 million in Series B funding in 2021 — valuing it at an astronomical $4.3 billion

Trading cards on the Sorare platform are split into four categories:

  • Limited: 1,000 of each NFT available per season
  • Rare: 100 per season
  • Super Rare: 10 per season
  • Unique: 1 per season

With French football star Antoine Griezmann among its investors and Barcelona legend Gerard Pique acting as a strategic advisor, it’s not hard to see why Sorare has attracted so much interest.

But does it offer one of the best NFT affiliate programs?

Possibly. The flat commission rate of 10% per qualifying card purchase definitely isn’t to be sniffed at, and you’ll get support from a dedicated account manager to help you drive sales (and make money) via the program.

URL: Sorare affiliate program
Commission rate: 10%
Cookie duration: 30 days

8. Nexo

Without wishing to repeat ourselves, Nexo is another interesting proposition.

This time, it’s a money-lending platform that offers NFT-backed loans. Users can borrow up to one-fifth of the value of their Bored Ape Yacht Club or CryptoPunks tokens without having to sell them.

That might sound like a pretty niche pursuit, but it’s already issued one of the world’s biggest NFT-backed loans, worth 1,200 Ether (more than $3.3 million) and using two rare CryptoPunks Zombies as collateral.

At time of writing, Nexo has 4+ million users, supports 38 cryptocurrencies, and manages assets of more than $12 billion.

Join Nexo’s affiliate program and you’ll earn commissions worth 10% of all interest payouts from the customers you prefer, as well as 0.5% of the total amount borrowed via the platform’s Instant Crypto Credit Lines.

URL: Nexo affiliate program
Commission rate: 10% of all interest payouts
Cookie duration: 30 days

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best affiliate program for NFT influencers?

Trial out some from our list and see how it goes. 

2. What are the criteria for determining the best affiliate programs for NFT influencers?

Commission rate and consistency. 

3. Are there any restrictions or requirements for joining NFT affiliate programs?

Not usually, but a good understanding of web3 technology is recommended. 

Final Words

As you can see, the NFT industry offers a ton of affiliate programs for marketers to explore, from ticket collecting to customer loyalty benefits. By getting in early on this fast-growing market, you can secure an additional passive income stream for your affiliate business – one that isn’t likely to go away anytime soon. 

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