Since the release of ChatGPT in November 2022, the floodgates have opened, with a mass of new AI products entering the market daily. As a marketer, there’s never been a better opportunity to earn passive income by signing up for AI affiliate programs and promoting quality products.

However, as you might expect with any hot new opportunity, there are also plenty of opportunists out there shilling complete garbage trying to make a quick buck off the AI revolution.

So, to save you some time, I’ve vetted and compiled a list of the best AI affiliate programs that offer decent commissions, a long cookie life, and a great customer experience so you can keep pulling those recurring commissions for as long as possible.

Top Affiliate Programs for AI Influencers

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting your affiliate marketing business, you’ll find something here that caters to your niche – even if your niche isn’t AI. But in case AI is your special thing, make sure to check out my post about ways you can use ChatGPT to make money.

1. 10Web


10Web is an innovative web solution that empowers small business owners, entrepreneurs, website owners and developers with cutting-edge tools and services. With 10Web, you can create a website using AI Website Builder, host it on 10Web Hosting, and optimize it with PageSpeed Booster.

Introducing the 10Web Affiliate Program:

  • Program name: 10Web Affiliate Program
  • Commission: Earn an impressive 50% commission on each sale
  • Cookie lifespan: Generous 60 days

Why choose to promote 10Web?

10Web is known for its comprehensive and user-friendly tools in the web solutions market. 10Web’s AI Website Builder enables users to build mobile-optimized, high-performing websites up to 10X faster using AI. 

10Web is backed by a strong community of millions of users, influencers, and tech experts. Thus, your audience is aligned with a widely recognized and trusted brand with 1 million+ websites are powered by. 10Web. Your audience is receiving a reliable and proven solution.

As a 10Web affiliate, you benefit from a substantial 50% commission on sales with no initial purchase necessary to join the program. Simply sign up, and you’ll have immediate access to your affiliate dashboard.

10Web as a platform is constantly evolving with the introduction of innovative features and updates to the market. This continuous growth offers a wealth of fresh content and value to promote to your audience.

How does it work? It’s simple:

  • Sign-Up – No need to be a pre-existing 10Web user. Just sign up for instant dashboard access.
  • Start Promoting – Use your unique affiliate link to promote 10Web.
  • Earn Your Commission – Receive a 50% commission on every sale made through your affiliate link.

2. Grammarly 

Grammarly, an AI proofreading assistant, can be used anywhere you work on desktop or online, including within Google Docs and MS Office. It helps you correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors in real time, and even offers suggestions on improving your style and tone. This affiliate program is great for bloggers in education, professional development, and technology niches.

Commissions: $0.20 per free account sign-up and $20 per Premium upgrade.

Cookie: 90 days.

3. Kafkai

Kafkai is an AI tool that creates SEO-friendly articles, blog posts, and social media content based on your keyword research. It can also generate content ideas and help eliminate writer’s block. This affiliate program is ideal for marketing and SEO niches.

Commission: 30-50% lifetime commissions, with level-based bonuses.

Cookie: 30 days.

4. Quillbot 

QuillBot is an AI paraphrasing tool that streamlines the writing process with seven different modes for rewriting content. It has extensions for Chrome and Microsoft Word. This affiliate program is a great match for niches that target students, writers, or business professionals.

Commission: 10-20% per subscription sold.

Cookie: 30 days.

5. Bertha AI 

Bertha AI is an AI writing assistant for Chrome and WordPress. You can use it to generate content ideas and a variety of content types, such as website copy, blog posts, and product descriptions. The tool can also generate images and illustrations for your website. This affiliate program is ideal for affiliates in the blogging, marketing, WordPress, or ecommerce niches.

Commission: 20% on each new sale referred.

Cookie: 180 days.

6. Frase

Frase is an AI-powered SEO tool that helps marketers write and optimize content for search engines – think Jasper and Surfer SEO combined, but at a much more affordable price. This affiliate program is a great match for niches targeting small business owners and solopreneurs as well as bloggers, affiliate marketers, content marketers, and SEO agencies.

Commission: 30% recurring commission for the lifetime of the referred subscription.

Cookie: 60 days.

7. AI Art Shop 

AI Art Shop is an online art gallery featuring artwork created with AI technology. New creations are listed every day. The company uses the best canvas, frames, and ink, and shipping is free. Every painting includes a digital Certificate of Authenticity which is permanently stored in the Blockchain.

Customers receive a 10% discount through your affiliate link.

Commission: 15% per painting sold.

Cookie: n/a

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to choose the best AI affiliate program?

Make use of free trials from a week on week basis. Stick with the program(s) you enjoy the most!

2. What are the advantages of promoting AI products through affiliate programs?

Commission which is an additional revenue stream!

Final Words

As you can see, the AI industry offers a ton of affiliate programs for marketers to explore, from generative AI tools to task automation and analytics. By getting in early on this fast-growing market, you can secure an additional passive income stream for your affiliate business – one that isn’t likely to go away anytime soon. 

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