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Launched in 2018, Wishu is a platform for more than 10,000+ UK based creatives, where they can access news, creative inspirations, insights, tools and job listings. 

Wishu is one of the leading support platforms for creatives. We invest in bespoke research to tailor our content to the needs of professional creatives, making us a trusted community. 

If you become an advertising partner with Wishu, your campaign will hold an endorsement of credibility to some of the leading creative recruiters in the world. 

Looking to connect your brand to our members? You can do so in several ways; by providing discounts to our members, sponsoring content, getting featured on our newsletter, or promoting a product or service on our channels. Our partnership is personally tailored to suit the needs of both of our audiences.

To discuss advertising, please email our Head of Community, Hubert Trinkunas, via advertise@wishu.io