Most brands are still hesitant to wade back into the X waters. Based on almost 1,500 responses to a LinkedIn poll, the feedback is overwhelmingly against X ads right now with 87% feeling they would no longer advertise on the platform.

That directly aligns with recent statements from Elon Musk, in which he noted that U.S. ad spend on X is down 60% year-over-year, a decrease from the 50% decline in U.S. brand spend that he reported back in April.

Last week, SocialMediaToday posted the following on X (formerly known as Twitter): “In 2023, your experience on X has been:”. The most common response was “worse”. On the other hand, 36.5% of responses indicated that their experience on X has either improved or remained the same this year. 

However, there were only 184 responses, so it’s a very small subset of X users, and as such, it may not be indicative. Nevertheless it does provide some measure of how users are seeing the re-named app, with most people, in general, seeing X as fairly similar to what it has been in the past, even with the more recent changes.

But the main point of note here is that most people still view the app as “Twitter”, no matter what its new name might be. That’ll eventually shift, but it does suggest that the re-brand will be an ongoing evolution, as most users are habitually aligned with “Twitter” and “tweets,” as opposed to “X” and “posts.”

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