Adobe extends Firefly image generator to enterprise users

Adobe has announced the integration of Firefly, its generative image generator, into its enterprise offerings. This enables enterprise customers to customize the model using their own branded assets.

Adobe Express (formerly Adobe Spark) is now available to enterprise users, providing access to Firefly. The move aims to drive efficiency and empower users to quickly create content while leveraging the power of Express and Creative Cloud for design modifications.

Firefly’s commercially safe image generation, based on licensed and public domain content, is a major advantage. Adobe is willing to indemnify businesses that use Firefly-generated images. The expansion also includes other AI-powered services under the Sensei GenAI platform. These offerings cater to text generation, data analysis, and marketing copy editing.

Adobe is collaborating with numerous brands, including Mattel, IBM, and Dentsu, to facilitate the adoption of these AI-powered tools.

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