Having a busy inbox can feel so overwhelming and make us feel as if we are unorganised and unwilling to tackle necessary tasks. Wishu outlines some ways in which we can best organise our inboxes so we feel accomplished and are able to tackle as many tasks in as little time as possible. 

  1. Group compound categories
    Some email softwares – in fact, most – from Outlook to Gmail, allow you to add notes to emails which flag them. This allows you to collect similar tasks into a single grouping. Try headings such as “Personal tasks”, “Clients”, “Press”. That way, you can spend an hour each day ticking off each category which makes your focus more concentrated and you regain a sense of control over the mess. 
  2. Act immediately
    First things first, unsubscribe from all newsletters and group mailings unless you find them genuinely useful and compelling. Archiving anything important that doesn’t need an immediate response but should be saved is a good way to organise the prioritising of messages – just be sure not to forget the archives. Another great tip is if you skim read an email that should be replied to as soon as possible – mark it as unread so it stands out next time you open your inbox. 

managing your emails better and ticking all the admin boxes

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