About us

Your guide to the latest news from the tech industry and creator economy. Informative, witty, and everything you need to understand the world of innovation.

Our team

Hubert Trinkunas

Head of Growth

Hubert, Co-Founder and Head of Growth at Wishu Media, leads strategic partnerships and boosts brand and revenue growth.

James Xu-Johnson

Co-Founder & Managing Editor at Tech Creator

James, Co-Founder at Wishu Media, leads operations, client projects, and product development at Wishu Labs, blending expertise in software and product engineering.

Lavena Xu-Johnson

CEO & Managing Editor at AI Creator

Lavena, CEO and co-founder of Wishu, passionately promotes mental well-being, creativity, and entrepreneurship. She also hosts the Insane Founder Podcast.

Anndy Lian

Web3 Advisor & Contributor at Web3 Creator

Anndy Lian is a notable figure in Asia’s blockchain sector, with vast experience advising various organizations. As a serial entrepreneur, investor, and keynote speaker, he significantly influences the Web3 and blockchain ecosystem.

Rosa Cecilia

Managing Editor at Curious Creator

Rosa, Managing Editor at Curious Creator and music industry expert, guides video creators and brands through industry shifts to maximize their earnings.

Sam Johnson

Lead Designer

Sam, a multifaceted Lead Graphic Designer, excels in Adobe Creative Cloud, photography, film, illustration, motion graphics, 3D modeling (using Cinema 4D and Blender), animation, and music production.

Nikita Verma

Content Strategist & Managing Editor at Web3 Creator

Nikita, an Editor and Content Strategist, combines writing prowess with strategic insight, specializing in web3, the creator economy, copywriting, LinkedIn growth, and content strategy. She shines in technical and thought-leadership content.

Khalil H. Elmosrati


Khalil, with three decades in trade, business buying, and forging strategic partnerships, has made significant marks. Once at the helm of Spymaster, he now lends his deep expertise as an advisor to Wishu Media.

Our philosophy


We foster close collaborations with our advertising partners to craft and transform messages, ensuring they seamlessly integrate and resonate powerfully within our platform.


Each member of our team wholeheartedly values our purpose, mission, and the mutual success of our partners. We genuinely care about the individuals on the other side of the table.


We prioritize performance to ensure our collaborations yield meaningful outcomes.