Building a better future for creative curation 🤝

Our mission is to disrupt creative freelance hiring practices & distribute meaningful opportunities to creatives. Our platform ties a creative community together and enables easy sourcing, outreach, and hiring of creative talent globally. 

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Growth 🚀

We launched Wishu in 2019 and have since built a community of creative freelancers and businesses of over 11,000 and growing 💪. As three co-founders from diverse backgrounds, we came into the creative industry with a shared vision – to disrupt traditional practices involved in freelancing and creative hiring.

Companies are using Wishu to minimise time and admin typically needed for paying and managing creative freelance hires. We also share quality learning resources and tools from our partners and experts with a mission to nurture a new generation of creatives and a paradigm shift in the industry.

Community impact

Our creative community have been adapting to a hybrid way of working in a post-Covid world. Some of our campaigns have been directly focused on this shift, including the Passive Income series teaching creatives to pursue additional streams of revenue with tools to transform their business models. We want to make our users more commercially savvy and are looking for an audience with that kind of appetite!

Our solutions

Curated marketplace

Wishu is a marketplace that curates some of the best creative talent in the UK, we provide recruitment opportunities to work for leading brands and businesses.


We centre a lot of our practice to dedicating resources, tools and learning to our community of creatives as they seek to commercialise their skills and services. We're here to empower creative talent.

Timeline 📈

  1. 2017-2019
    Beta Testing 📝
  2. Late 2019
    Launch Wishu with
    Angel Investment 💸
  3. Mid 2020
    Launched website 💻
  4. 2021
    Hit 10k+ members 🎉
  5. What's Next
    Expansion to USA 🚀

Our team 😎

Rosa Cecilia Gosling
Community Associate
Daniel Evans
Product Leader
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Yurii Kozlov
Software Engineer
Yurii Yanochik
Software Engineer
Tamzeed Hossain
Software Engineer
Tahsin Ahmed
UX/UI Designer
Ivan Saliuk
Software Engineer